The Rear view Mirror is Not for Makeup Application

makeup rearview mirror

Have you ever been at a stoplight and the person in front of you turns their rear-view mirror so they can touch up their makeup? Their time is not impeccable, the light turns green, and you’re counting down to honk them back to reality.

Let’s face it – rear-view mirrors were not created for make-up application; they were so you can see what is behind you. Regardless, you’ll still find people pulling and pushing the mirror in different directions to apply mascara, admire their just-done coiffure, or check themselves out (we see you, guys!)

The reason the rear-view mirror is so small in comparison to the windshield is because we should pay more attention to what is in front of us than what is behind us. Well, I’m going to challenge that a little today, but I’m not talking about in our car.

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  Isaiah 43:18

Do you know why we’re not supposed to dwell on the past? Because the past most people are dwelling on is sin, regrets, or shame. There is a healthy reason to look back, though, and that is reflecting on the goodness and faithfulness of God in our lives.

I was talking with a friend yesterday and she was exhausted because her dog woke her up quite early. I had posted the following Scripture in Scriptures – One a day on Facebook and she expressed that she could use some help feeling her youth being renewed.

P103 5

I knew she was joking, but here’s the thing – Psalms 103 talks about all the benefits of the children of God. This is one of them, but we have to apply God’s Word (promises) to our life. So, I suggested reflecting on God’s goodness in her life and then she’ll feel that renewal. Her response is what prompted me to write this blog, “Isn’t that interesting how reflecting changes you? That’s the only time I need to look in the past!”

Reflecting does change you – for the good or the bad – and you get to choose the reflecting you do. Martin Luther said, ‘You cannot prevent birds from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building a nest.’  So, here is what I suggest:

Forget the sins you’ve confessed

Forget the hurts others have given

Forget the things you didn’t do, didn’t say, didn’t accomplish; then go out and make the right decision to act the next time.

Forget the things you are currently worrying about – because you can’t change them anyway

Forget the relationships that didn’t last  – If they were/are meant to be in your life, they would/will be

Remember the times God has forgiven you

Remember the hurts avoided because God stepped in

Remember the things that God did, God said, and God helped you accomplish

Remember how God said He would never leave you nor forsake you

Remember how it felt when you gave your life to Him and He welcomed you to His family

Remember when you were running late, then while driving to where you were headed, you came upon a terrible car accident that could have involved you

Remember the friend who just happened to show up at that particular time when you really needed someone and they said, “I just felt like I was supposed to come by.”

Remember the way you got the job when you didn’t qualify                                              -or when you didn’t get the job and found out eight months later the company went bankrupt

Remember all the times you didn’t think you’d make it through, but here you are, and you know it was only because God helped you get here.

Remember that

you are loved

you are accepted

you are a child of the King

You are more than a conqueror

and you are His.


It’s good to look back – if you’re recollecting God’s goodness. Let Him renew your youth like the eagle’s today by meditating on all He has / is / and will do in your life.



Waterboarding My Friends

“I’m pretty sure she’s waterboarding her,” my co-worked told others about me regarding how I was helping another co-worker and dear friend of mine lose weight.

water splash

My friend was seen by this co-worker walking in to work with a gallon jug of water and her lunch. (I guess if it’s coffee in a Yeti, drinking more than a 16 oz. bottle of water looks strange to people.) Drinking water helps with weight loss in multiple ways. It increases your metabolism, aids in digestion, and helps you feel full so you don’t snack all day. (I find it funny that the same people who think my pushing more water on people I help with their weight-loss journey are the same ones that eat plastic-wrapped snacks and take-out for lunch.)

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It’s Exhausting Being God

There is so much to do when you’re God. All. The. Time.

You have a gazillion people to love, no matter how annoying, petty, cruel, or unloving they can be (not are, because ‘are’ is definitive, but people are changeable). You must see the best of everyone at all times and look past their faults – or how they ignore you, or insult you, or talk about you. You must forgive. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

There are daily tasks that must be accomplished.

People to call to encourage, to check on, to just call so they know you’re thinking about them. Do little things, send little gifts their way, or drop notes to them so they know you didn’t forget about them.

You have a world to try and clean up, even though you know it’s only going to get messy again while you’re cleaning it up (not even wait till you’re finished, which you never really do finish because the world is a dirty place and there’s not enough bleach made to freshen up some of this filth.)

It’s exhausting being God.

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Let Me Help You Lose Some Weight

To say this year has been stressful, busy, and hard on my body is an understatement. My HBOO went through chemo, my workload quadrupled, and I suffered an injury in February that brought an abrupt end to my 100-miles-a-month running goal for the year. To say I’ve put on some weight is… wrong, as well. I actually lost weight due to stress-induced stomach issues that kidnapped my appetite and, when I was hungry, made me nauseated.


However, one thing I do know about is how to lose weight. I have helped quite a few people lose weight (even two who lost over 100 pounds each!), have lost weight and got in shape myself, and could provide you with all kinds of diet tips, the activity schedule I recommend, and my tips on getting more sleep, but that’s not actually what this post is about.

See, I lived “strong” through my husband’s cancer diagnosis and treatment – I didn’t turn to food, as I would have years ago – and I maintained unreasonable peace both during that time and a huge increase in my workload at my job (that’s what happens when you acquire multiple companies, but don’t increase those supporting the work.) But when “Cancer Free” arrived on my doorstep, it brought with it an uninvited guest named ‘Performance.’ Continue reading

Who Dressed You This Morning?

My HBOO tells people I scared him after week one of dating me and I know it’s true. You see, I told my mom, him, and some friends that I knew I was going to marry him 8 days after our first date. (And this was the 90’s, y’all, so it wasn’t like today’s “dating” that my fellow blogger talks about here: The Generation that Killed Romance — BeautyBeyondBones.) Eight. Days…

Well, I was clearly in love with him and one thing I have learned in life is this – Love will make you blind to some things. That can be a good thing. For instance, when you love someone, you tend to overlook (be blinded to) their shortcomings, their annoying idiosyncrasies (you may even think they are adorable while your friends tell you they’re obnoxious), or their mistakes – even the ones they make repeatedly.

Well, I was clearly blind to my HBOO’s sense of style when we were dating because I recently saw a picture from our earlier years and he was wearing thick white and black striped, long cotton shorts, a patterned (other than stripes) top, and high-top brown shoes.

raised eyebrow

Um… you do realize those don’t match, right?


It’s one of those things that if I saw him put on that outfit today, I’d feel obligated to help him change.



The problem is, a lot of people are struggling with their daily attire because they are letting someone else dress them.



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Well, I want to thank all of those who have signed up to read what I have to say. I realize in today’s standards, having fifty people follow you is not worthy of its own blog to some, but to me, you know I’m going to find something to say about it 🙂 Continue reading