My Beautiful Puzzle

Verse 1:

You were the piece that didn’t fit

Into the puzzle mold I made

I picked the ones that I thought

I was worthy to glance upon

Now that I place my heart piece

Within the shape of yours

I realize God gave me you

And my puzzle can now be done. 

No need to buy my flowers

To show your love for me

I don’t need to be wined and dined

You’ve captured this heart of mine

There’s a special way you make me feel

That makes my heart feel safe

There’s a special place within me

Created for you before time

CHORUS:You’re a beautiful puzzle

Your pieces all fashioned for me

Everywhere I had rough edges

You placed love intricately

You’re my beautiful puzzle

Everyday we spend together

Our life puzzle God does knit.

Verse 2:

Along the years we've grown

Our count is now more than 2

There's been wrong pieces placed

But corrections we have made.

Although the colors you bring

Are quite different from those I do

Together we make a tapestry

Of a love song gently played. 

God placed each corner piece and edge

We've begun to fill them in

Through distance, pain and tears

Our pieces still were glued.

Some misunderstand what we do

And how we've become one

But I know that you do love me

And you know I love you, too. 


BRIDGE:There are so many things you do

That makes me proud to be your wife

I hope I reciprocate such pride in you

As together we spend our lives.


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