Turning 30

It's just another day

is how I choose to look at this

I'll cherish another year

as I choose to embrace this

Time is what you make it

I've been blessed with so much more

So age is not relative

to how I feel and what's in store

I've got a long while yet

before I'll say I'm old

Hopefully my looks and activities

keep that from being told

Looking forward now

to my next 30 years

and when they're over I won't

accept that year with tears

According to the Word

I'm only 1/4th done

so I'm headed out to live life

with a smile in the sun

Happy birthday to me

and I can't forget

Happy birthday Cammie

Welcome to 30!


2 comments on “Turning 30

  1. Falguni says:

    I love your poem. Thanks for sharing. I hope it’s okay that I shared it with my friend today for her 30th bday! I gave you the credit!! Thanks again!


  2. Joey says:

    Thanks, My daughter is turning 30, and I need something like this to give her inspiration to move foreword. I hope it’s okay, to shared it her…

    thank you.


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