The dream


A little girl is walking down a dirt road with groceries in her hands. She is smiling and singing an upbeat song. As she turns one corner she crosses the path of a boy who begins to follow her. She continues singing and before she gets to the chorus he steals the bread out of her hands and runs away. She starts to cry and a man from the barbershop comes out and comforts her. She continues her journey home and starts singing her song again. This time she is not smiling but her tears have dried up. A couple people she recognizes greet her and she turns another corner at the end of two blocks. Just as she is about to sing the first word of the chorus she runs right into a boy who is a little older than the first, but has the same look on his face. He asks, "Can I help you carry those?" She declines but strikes up a conversation with him. They talk about their families, church and a book they are both actually reading. The girl begins to tell the boy about the first one who stole her bread but before she has a chance this young man steals her eggs from her bag and runs off. The girl begins crying again and a man from the auto shop comes out. He puts his greasy hand on her back and asks if she is all right. She backs away from him and thanks him for making her dress dirty. Her step is a little faster now and her upbeat song she has slowed but begins singing once again. The long road begins to wind around the park of the city. She sees friends, but they ignore her. Her sister drives by failing to acknowledge her. As she approaches the last street to her house, and the chorus of the song, a man runs up to her and grabs her bag of groceries.
"No!" She refused to let go and held on tight.
"I just wanted to help you, dear." The man said as he let go and took a step back. "I saw what happened with the other two and thought that maybe if I carried these home for you, you'd make it with at least what is left."
The girl, puzzled now, begins to give her bag to the man. Before she could think twice, he took the bag and ran away.
She falls to her knees and begins to sing her song:
"There is within this little girl
Such a beautiful love
I hold the only power
To give it to you"

Tears interrupt her as she realizes the events that just took place. She tries to continue:

"No one can just take it
It's hidden within me
For the one I wait for
To give him the key"

Now cold as the sun sets behind the mountains, she shivers and sings the chorus:

It's not in my hands
to be snatched away
It's not in a carton
for thieves to steal
It's not in a bag
Just to be grabbed
It's in me

No matter how
Some may try to take it
Despite the attempts
To make it void
It's still mine
Until the time
I give it away

The little girl arises a young woman. She brushes off her knees, straightens her dress and pushes her hair from her face. Wiping the tears from her eyes she finishes the walk to her house. As she enters the house she sees a man in the kitchen. He pulls from a grocery bag: a loaf of bread, a carton of eggs, milk, meat, fruit and vegetables. He turns to see her and says, "I tried to call you today. Did you get my message?" She says "no" and he continues, "I just wanted you to know that I have everything we need to make the meal. You don't need to worry about bringing anything."


One comment on “The dream

  1. Murph says:

    This is one of my favorite things ever.


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