I hate the Night

Take a journey in your soul
but only if you can take it
I'll be your tour guide tonight
Through my cave that's barely lit.

You know the part of the movie
where you feel so sad and weep?
It's those moments that fill my mind
when I'm trying to get some sleep.

Don't tell me that you're sorry
about the life I must live everyday
The darkness that sits under my eyes
The company in dreams still stays

What type of shadows hover
Where you refuse to even step
When day is shining brightly
But at night your fears are kept

Who is this one that has no face
that brings you to your knees
Why do you paint that smile on
But all I hear is, "No, please"

The flowers no longer live here
The ashes blow through the air
You wake up shaken and cold
Then walk through life
Like you don't care


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