I’m not Alone

I'm so tired of being weary

 I sleep, I rest.

I take a moment to relax

To no avail, the fatigue creeps back in.

I've been worn down, Almost like a nail

That's been picking at the bricks

That starts to encompass me.

They tower taller every single day

As my tears keep falling

My hole fills, now I find I'm drowning

All because of past pain

So don't throw me a rope

Or a boat to get in

I think I just ultimately

Need to learn how to swim

No matter my surroundings

Or the echoes that I hear

I know within my spirit

That God is always near.

“Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray my dreams, God, you keep

From going down that path I’ve known

But gently remind me I’m not alone.”


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