Sexual Purity

This is the start of random thoughts about sexual purity; what’s right, what is wrong and where are we going?

To start off I want to quote Lisa Bevere’s Book, “Kissed the Girls and Made them Cry” :

“I believe God wants to tell you a bedtime story, to rock back to sleep what’s been so rudely awakened. One to softly lull passions back to a place of waiting and resting in slumber, a story to restore to a dreamlike state what was awakened before its time. A place where fears are calmed and hope is restored. A haven where shame is not permitted, and everything is fresh, new and clean as flowers after a spring rain.”

 Whether God needs to rock back to sleep desires or actions that have woken before the marriage covenant; pain and memories that have bombarded your psyche so that true love cannot breathe, or thoughts and imaginations that have been inundated with images and suggestions from today’s society- God never intended for our souls to drown in a society of promiscuity and lust. It’s time that we remember what love is, what sex is meant to be, and experience that which God created for us to, under the confines of marriage: a healthy, enjoyable intimacy with our partners.

 I wrote a sermon a while back called Prayer and Sex. It was a side-by-side view of how the two mirror each other in many facets. One of those was intimacy. In too many marriages (and Christians) intimacy is nothing more than going through motions, saying the right words and occasionally having a “feeling.”

Prayer should be nothing more than an intimate time with the Father. When we pray we are having a conversation with our Maker. It is not meant to be a time of ritualistic recitals of common prayers and/or mundane expressions of our “want’ list to an All-powerful, untouchable Great Power. It is the time that we are welcomed to come and dine with Him. A time when we can not only tell Him how we are feeling or express our needs, but also when He has the floor to speak to us.

Think about a close friend you once had but no longer communicate with. Now ask yourself why you stopped talking to them? Did you move? Did they? Was their an argument of some sort that has put up a wall between the two of you? Or, which is often the case, have your lives just taken different paths now and each other are not in them?

Now consider what it would take to have that relationship blossom once more? It would take TALKING.

Intimacy is nothing more than talking. When we are intimate with God, our Father, we talk to Him. We don’t just give him our “gimme” lists. We don’t just recite age-old prayers or repetitious expressions of intercession. We talk to Him; and we listen as He talks to us.

Sex is the same thing: a man and a woman speaking to each other; to the other’s mind, body and spirit. Intimacy is supposed to be a time of complete trust and surrender. Why is it then that so many people struggle with what is supposed to be care-free and liberating? Why is the most important relationship in a person’s life often wreaked with uncertainty and doubt?

Over the course of this exploration to find answers to those questions and many more I am going to touch base on some things that I have been asked, whether by friends or people I have counseled. I will talk about:

  • How far is too far?
  • What parents are teaching their kids by what they are listening to, reading and watching.
  • What to do if you’ve already gone “too far”?
  • What is hurting girls and boys of all ages.
  • How to heal from past abuse or promiscuity.
  • How we lose when we give in.

I hope you will take this journey with me over the next couple weeks. This is a public site where I know my writings will be seen,but this is also going to be my wall for expression, my canvas of pain, tears and trials and my map of exploration. Blessings and Shalom


One comment on “Sexual Purity

  1. MaryTenderLOS says:

    Every little girl wants to have a play doll. It all sounds so appealing — often, so much better than it really is. It’s important to keep them away from: Most kids plug into the world of television long before they enter school.


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