God did something… what was it?

All too often in our lives we can recount all of the funny episodes of our days but struggle to remember the things God has done on a daily basis. Are we walking through life ungrateful?

 Well, if you want to be truthful with yourself you’d see that you are.

Things we miss out of because we’re too busy complaining, are desensitized by society or have put things before our relationship with God are:

The fact that we woke up this morning

Our health

Our needs being met

Our salvation – so many people are praying for their loved one’s salvation and yet we all seem to forget to thank God for our own. It truly is the greatest miracle and yet we overlook it as something to be grateful for.

Those times God makes a way when there didn’t seem to be a way

There are so many things that God does, gives, says to us that we pass up the opportunity to thank Him for because we don’t consider the blessing it really is to have a God that speaks to us, works on our behalf and has in store for us.

Why not spend a moment today just thinking about the things He’s done for you this week? I bet you could list a dozen or more.

God does something every second. Try and point some out. They’ll make your problems, fears and failures a lot smaller.


One comment on “God did something… what was it?

  1. NAyK says:

    I wrote the following comment for someone else, but I guess it is pertinent to what you were saying about missing God in action. Thanks for the reminder. My own story comes as part confessional, part praise and takes place almost a month ago.


    This hospital visit was really difficult for me. I had been having a tough time with my academic work, not able to progress as fast as I needed to. So I entered the hospital with my mind on my ‘work’. I didn’t have the joy or sense of anticipation that would have naturally come as my wife was having her 20th week of pregnancy ultra sound scan.

    We arrived early, did all the registration formalities and went for our Ultra Sound appointment. However, there was such a rush, and there was no one managing the queue. So basically, if someone was pushy, he/she could get the attendant to just put their appointment up… and that just irritated me. I didn’t mind waiting, but I didn’t want anyone to just go ahead of me. So I brought my Delhi-pushyness to the fore and kept pressuring the attendant to keep our appointment where it was meant to be. Eventually half-an-hour of this passed by until we were called.

    Then we waited in the bed for another 10 minutes, waiting for the doctor to come. Worse, the bedsheet was dirty from the last ultra sound, so when the doctor came, we asked him if he could get the sheet changed, he said fine and left, asking an attendant to change the sheet. The sheet changing eventually happened five minutes later, and the doctor still did not return. I had to tell the attendant to call the doctor, and only then did the doctor come.

    As you can see, I was getting really frustrated.

    Anyway, when the scan actually happened, my wife’s bladder was full enough to burst! And all I saw on the ultra sound was bubbles!

    Then I saw the back of the head of the baby… but I was still angry about this whole scanning experience… then I saw more bubbles… then suddenly I saw the baby again, this time the whole baby, hands, heart, face, features… but I was still upset and there was no awe, happiness, surprise anything.

    And then when we went back to watching the ‘bubble’ show… I realised that I was a mess and I prayed and praised God for what I was seeing… and then I saw the whole baby again… and as I saw the baby, I started praying for the child. I was calmer… and more thankful… and even a little more amazed that the baby was so big.

    The subsequent doctor’s check-up was less of a struggle, it was more routine. My wife and I had very few questions, even though our doctor had all the time in the world that day. I guess, we just wanted to leave.

    But in hindsight, what I saw was amazing. And the doctor’s reports confirmed that everything with our baby was good and well! That was certainly something worse praising God for. And at least now, I can do that. And the image of the life-form inside my wife is more clearer in my head now. And finally, I remember that picture of our child and smile.

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