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Think about this: Your President makes a decision that, not only affects your life greatly but, keeps the entire nation in a horrible position and painful living conditions.

I think sometimes we say (verbally, tweet, post, snap-chat, and e-mail) things without must thought given first. Our emotions get the best of us and we react instead of respond; our feelings get hurt and we voice our pain; or anger rises up and we burp up the nastiness from our rage. Weren’t we told to be slow to speak?

I was thinking about this when I read this account of a leader who responded too quickly, obviously without thought.

The entire nation, his people, are crying out because of the hard conditions on their lives (that, by the way, he brought upon them) and he is given an opportunity to bring the turmoil to an end. He is literally told, ‘You tell me when you want this life-disrupting, home-evading, nuisance and distracting disgust to be taken away from your people, and it will happen.’ ┬áDo you know what his response was?


Have you ever done that? Answered too quickly and before you knew it, you sentenced yourself to a longer plight than planned or circumstance of chaos? This guy did, and I can’t imagine he had the backing of his people with his answer.

We need to practice the art of contemplation any time our conversations have opportunities for consequences. I’m sure the Egyptians wished Pharaoh had before he subjected them to another day with the frogs.

Exodus 8:1-10



Author of the new book, Resurrecting the Wrong Life. I write a lot. When we left Texas to move to Germany I threw away 26 notebooks of things that I had written. Why? Because we were limited on moving space and I knew that I'd write that many notebooks again the following year... I write a lot. We have moved again, this time to Georgia, and my book is finally out. So I'm back to blogging. What you can expect is a weekly blog of whatever God has laid on my heart that week during my time with Him. Have questions - Ask. Have opinions - Comment. Anything else - Message me. Coming soon: Resurrecting the Wrong Wife

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