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Moments and Words from God

I don’t do this often, but I feel led to just share what God said to me the last two days during our morning time together. I hope it blesses you and if it does, you’ll leave me a comment and let me know you reflected here.

Acknowledge Me in all your ways – My ways are not your ways – and I will lead you – in all you need to do for the day.

(I’ve been seeking the Lord a lot lately for strength, direction, and peace because my workload has increased drastically at work and it’s been quite overwhelming. These were His words of instruction, comfort, and wisdom in response.)

Do everything as if I have personally asked you to do it.


(Whoa – If I began each task with that mindset, I’d probably enjoy things a little more!)

(The rest of this, I’m going to share just like I wrote it down so you can see how I journal and that even when writing things down from God, He’ll have you write it in a way that will mean something, too.)

Psalms 25

I hope you got something out of this – this was my journal entry for June 25th. Tomorrow, I’ll share June 26th. (That’s right, this week I’ll be posting not just on Wednesday morning, but Thursday morning, as well.)


Blessings and shalom,




Author of the new book, Resurrecting the Wrong Life. I write a lot. When we left Texas to move to Germany I threw away 26 notebooks of things that I had written. Why? Because we were limited on moving space and I knew that I'd write that many notebooks again the following year... I write a lot. We have moved again, this time to Georgia, and my book is finally out. So I'm back to blogging. What you can expect is a weekly blog of whatever God has laid on my heart that week during my time with Him. Have questions - Ask. Have opinions - Comment. Anything else - Message me. Coming soon: Resurrecting the Wrong Wife

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