Who Dressed You This Morning?

My HBOO tells people I scared him after week one of dating me and I know it’s true. You see, I told my mom, him, and some friends that I knew I was going to marry him 8 days after our first date. (And this was the 90’s, y’all, so it wasn’t like today’s “dating” that my fellow blogger talks about here: The Generation that Killed Romance — BeautyBeyondBones.) Eight. Days…

Well, I was clearly in love with him and one thing I have learned in life is this – Love will make you blind to some things. That can be a good thing. For instance, when you love someone, you tend to overlook (be blinded to) their shortcomings, their annoying idiosyncrasies (you may even think they are adorable while your friends tell you they’re obnoxious), or their mistakes – even the ones they make repeatedly.

Well, I was clearly blind to my HBOO’s sense of style when we were dating because I recently saw a picture from our earlier years and he was wearing thick white and black striped, long cotton shorts, a patterned (other than stripes) top, and high-top brown shoes.

raised eyebrow

Um… you do realize those don’t match, right?


It’s one of those things that if I saw him put on that outfit today, I’d feel obligated to help him change.



The problem is, a lot of people are struggling with their daily attire because they are letting someone else dress them.



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Golgotha beats a Full house

Place the hot coals on my lips
As I deny such a disquieting vice
Rip off the fingers that reach
For the pistol prepared for roulette
Sear my eyes closed while I walk
Down aisles offering to satiate
Shove a stick or two and beat my drums
So I no longer hear these demons hum
A ransom has been offered
For the child to come back to Sheol
Back where she can play and laugh
Laugh at
Place the paper on these trembling legs
As I try to pen some of these feelings out
Rid myself of haunting words
For a chance to rest tonight
Sear the portal existing
Down in the nadir of despair
Shove back the devils that tempt
So tonight I do not succumb
A ransom was offered
For this child to overcome
Back on a cross at Golgotha